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Unique cultivation and processing technologies are used, the most environmentally friendly are selected Pure varieties of tea on the planet, the most useful natural ingredients. Company intentionally Does not sell chemically flavored teas, as well as low-grade teas for general consumption. With regard to mud, they include unique compounds of therapeutic mud with Dead Sea, salt lakes, peat bogs, mud masses of volcanoes. A unique development is dirt for potency. Unique and one-of-a-kind vitamins containing all essential microelements for the normal functioning of a healthy body.

The main tasks that the company sets itself:

rid the population of problems in the body

attract investment, sell part of the shares for the construction of own facilities

construction of capacities, company entry to a new level

To achieve the objectives the company plans:

maximize product range

establish own production of the product

independently apply these technologies at own facilities

develop new technologies that will help in the fight against problems and ailments

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